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Practice areas


Copyright Law:

Dungan, Kilbourne & Stahl provides comprehensive representation to clients in Asheville and throughout Western North Carolina regarding all aspects of copyright law, encompassing consultation, registration and litigation.

At Dungan, Kilbourne & Stahl, we make it a priority to meet with potential copyright clients. We are usually able to schedule an appointment within a few days of a potential copyright client's initial call to our office. Please contact our office if you believe you may need legal advice or representation in any of the following copyright areas:,

Copyright Consultation and Negotiation. Our firm assists clients in the area of copyright law by advising clients on copyright law, performing due diligence on possible rights of other parties, and providing research and advice so clients can avoid potentially infringing activities. We can also help negotiate copyright licenses and other settlements outside of expensive litigation.

Copyright Registration. Copyright registration allows the author of an original work of authorship to guard against potential copyright infringement. Numerous types of original works can be protected by copyright registration, including books, pamphlets, computer programs, works of fine art, advertisements, architectural designs, songs, and maps. Failure to timely register with the Copyright Office can deprive a copyright owner of important rights in the event of a copyright infringement lawsuit. At Dungan, Kilbourne & Stahl, we provide clients in Asheville and throughout Western North Carolina with copyright registration with the US Copyright Office for a flat fee.

Copyright Infringement. Our firm represents both Plaintiffs and Defendants regarding copyright infringement issues. We offer copyright advice to clients whose intellectual property rights have been violated as well as clients who have been accused of infringing upon a competitor's intellectual property. We also offer copyright infringement representation from the earliest stages of a potential lawsuit up to and including litigation.

I.P. Check-ups:

Dungan, Kilbourne & Stahl is pleased to offer our clients periodic check-ups of their policies and procedures to ensure continuing compliance with the laws governing copyrights and trademarks.  Contact us to schedule an appointment.


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